Power of the social networking sites

Power of the social networking sites

Social networking has been a very common and a usable feature these days. The social networking sites are the online platforms which help the users to create their own profile for a public purpose and let them interact with the other person sharing the same website. The working of the social networking site is fully systematic in the flow: initially a new user connects and has a list of all the members who shares a common connection with the user. Then, the people are allowed to either confirm the connection or to deny it. Once a connection is maintained, the person can even search more connections to grow up his network.

Social Media Networking

Most popular social networking sites

Some of the very popular and frequently used social sites are as follows:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Linked in
  • Pinterest
  • Google plus
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • VK
  • Flickr
  • Vine
  • MeetUp

There are many other countless social net along with the ones mentioned above, but these are the ones that are very commonly used by the people.

Advantages of the social networking sites

The social networking websites are very powerful as they are the strongest medium of connecting the people. Some of the major benefits that are being associated with these websites are as follows:

  1. Connectivity throughout the world

It does not matter whom you are searching for, whether it is some of your former college roommate or the first-grade teacher of yours or an international friend, there exists no way which is easier than the social media. The most common sites used for these purposes are facebook, twitter etc. With the help of these sites, a person can easily make new friends and build his business and interact with the friends and the friends of the friend. You can also sign in on top applications like Movie Box App Download through Social Media.

With the help of connections following benefits can be gained:

  • Seeking a job
  • Giving the products and referrals of the services
  • Finding a life partner
  • Accessing the news that is prevailing in the real time scenario
  1. Commonality of the interest

While participating in a social networking, the individuals can be chosen who have common likes and dislikes and thus you can build your network around those common friends of yours. For example, if you are a novel reader, you can search people who are having the same interest like yours and you can then enhance your interest with them. All the people with a common interest can form a group and they can then enjoy further communications.

  1. Information sharing in the real time

Most of the social networking sites have the feature of instant messaging. With the help of this people can exchange the information in the real time with the help of chat functionality. This feature can be very useful and the teachers widely use this feature to facilitate the discussions in the classroom. They can easily use the large amount of information that is available over the internet and do not need to visit the library for all this. This saves their large amount of time. You can also watch unlimited movies which are shared online using social media by your friends through moviebox app for PC

Thus, the social networking sites are very beneficial and have their influence over the society and the people of all age group prefers to use them..

How to Increase Vertical Jump for Basketball

How to Increase Vertical Jump for Basketball


Having a good vertical jump is a very important skill that must be possessed by each and every player. With the help of this valuable asset, a team is having the ability to get more rebounds and blocks with more and more steals. With the best vertical jumps, the players of the team can dunk the basketball. Thus, the confidence and enthusiasm of the team can increase and thus, it becomes more fun for the players to play the game.


How to measure vertical jumps?

To increase the vertical jumps, the first major is to identify the starting point of where you currently start. This way your progress can be tracked easily. Thus, it is important to measure your initial vertical jumping height. Following are the steps to be followed:

  • Initially find a wall which is tall enough so that you cannot touch it when you jump.
  • Now, stand next to that wall and get your arms extend to the full height of your head. Mark the last reach of your arm with a marker.
  • Now start jumping as high as you can and touch the wall. Now mark at that new point.
  • Measure this distance between your jumping and standing reach. This will be your current vertical jump.

Methods to increase the vertical jump

  1. Warm up

Before stretching your muscles, it is very important to warm up. For this, jumping a rope before the game can be a better option as it increases the flow of blood in the muscles.

  1. Phases

The whole program is divided into different phases that are of four weeks each. This way your muscles will easily adapt to the workout intensities. Thus, to increase the vertical jumps just keep on increasing the workload.

  1. Frequency

The routine must be performed every second day so as to provide enough rest to the body along with the workouts. Thus in one week, you will be doing training for 4 days and then in next week you will work for 3 days. In the 3rd week again the training will be of 4 days. Thus a total of 11 workouts will be done within a phase. Also, a week off will be done after each phase so that the body completely gets recover. In order to get stronger and explosive, it is very important to give full time to your muscles to make them fully repaired.

  1. Rest intervals

In between all the sets, have a one minute rest. At the time of workouts, try to keep a stopwatch with you.

  1. Record the progress

At the end of each rest week, keep track of how much progress you have made. Wait until the end of the last practice week and the results will be in front of you. Make sure you get one of the best outdoor basketball hoop from here for yourself and practice. Practice makes perfect!

Those were the few very important steps that you must follow out to increase the vertical jumps for your game of basketball.

Importance of Basketball Shoes: Kick’in a Nickle

Importance of Basketball Shoes: Kick’in a Nickle

One of the most popular sports in the whole world is basketball. No matter wherever you go, you will find this game been played actively everywhere. Due to this popularity of the game, there are many manufacturers who take the undue advantages. Thus, you will see that there are over thousands of basketball shoes design available with different big and standard brands in the whole world.

The basketball shoes have their own preferences which actually matters a lot. The performance of a person is being affected by the quality of shoes he or she is wearing during the game. This is so because, at the time when the player is playing basketball, the only shoe is the equipment he or she is having with him or her and thus, it is very important that appropriate and comfortable shoes are available.

Characteristics of the basketball shoes

The basketball shoes those are of finest quality boost up the confidence level of the player. He becomes strong enough to run fast, jump and move sharply. This way his performance can be much better and improved. Although it is a true fact that no matter how much you spend on the shoes and what brand the shoe possess, the game can be won only with serious training and skilled practice but still wearing quality shoes can put up a little initiative to your winning of the game.

There are different categories of basketball shoes that are available in the market. The differentiation can be on the basis of the design of the shoes, their size, price, brand, structure, and traction. Also, different shoes can have different types of cushioning. If the cushioning of the shoes is appropriate, then the shoes will be very comfortable for you. Thus, go for the footwear that is having great cushioning so that you will get much of the time to do practice and the training and there will be no injuries at all.

If the traction of the shoes is having the large grip, then it can help you out to remain safer from any slipping. Take the basketball shoes that are made up with the solid traction support to prevent any major injuries.

Benefits of the appropriate basketball shoes

If you have chosen right basketball shoes, then you will feel high comfort while playing and will feel much enthusiastic. The major advantages of the comfortable and quality shoes are as follows:

  • With the more soft and reliable shoes, a player can make his moves sharper and execute them excellently.
  • The risks that may occur while the practice sessions, training or the actual game can be avoided with the help of good shoes.
  • The attraction and appealing of the player increase with the best standard shoes.
  • The players can move freely and there will be no risk of slipping or falling down.
  • A different attitude grows up in the player and he gains more confidence of winning the game.

Thus, basketball shoes have their significant importance in the game world, so are the best volleyball shoes https://getcourtdimensions.com/best-volleyball-shoes-for-men-women-buyers-guide/, the quicker you realize this the better, since any sport, whether it may be volleyball or basketball requires proper gear and shoes are one of them.

About Us

About Us


QualCore Logic is a Mixed Signal IP and ASIC Realization Company. The company is headquartered at Sunnyvale, California and has its design center in Hyderabad, India.

QualCore has a team of 150 engineers built through a systematic program of recruitment and in-house classroom and on-job training.

QualCore’s business domains include:

Analog IPs

QualCore has a portfolio of more than 400+ Analog IPs in Graphics, Wireless, Wireline and Consumer Electronics domains. These IPs have been developed for the leading foundries such as TSMC, UMC and CSM as well as proprietary customer processes. Most of the IPs are silicon proven; all the IPs go through test chip validation and characterization process.

Digital IPs

QualCore has a portfolio of 35 digital IPs in peripherals, connectivity and processing domains. Most of the IPs are application proven and silicon proven.


QualCore supports customers in a range of services, typically executed from QualCore site. In India, QualCore also supports onsite(customer site) services India.

QualCore’s Services include:

ASIC Design Services: Specs to GDSII engagements or in specific design activities such as RTL Design, Verification, DFT or Physical Design as required by the customer.

ASIC Realization Services: Specs to packaged parts engagements, where QualCore delivers packages and tested chips in volumes (> million parts). QualCore has strong links with the foundry, packaging & test houses as well as an experienced team to ensure project success. QualCore has successfully served customers for delivery of multiple chips in large volumes

Analog Layout Services: Analog layout activities related to Analog Design, Full Custom Design and Library Design.

FPGA Realization Services : Design of RTL targeted at FPGAs, FPGA system design as well as support to migrate the FPGA to ASIC